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Who is Troy Silva?

Troy Silva is a creative leader, with a diverse design background in hospitality, experiential marketing, and sustainable living.

As an enthusiastic dreamer and achiever, Troy is happiest when collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to create immersive attractions. Troy inspires and empowers others to achieve greatness, striving to lead by example with empathy, optimism, and creative courage. 

With over 15 years experience orchestrating diverse teams, Troy has co-created a wealth of imaginative environments and experiences with an array of reputable clientele.

Featured Works:

“The best designs captivate us by engaging all our senses!”

-Troy Silva


Sight is an incredibly powerful sense. The complexities of what makes a person, place, or thing visually appealing could fill an entire library. For this reason, most creators of built environments dwell so heavily on what pleases our eyes that they fail to activate any of our other senses.

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Aromas have the power to evoke nostalgic childhood memories. The way a place smells can also repulse or even terrify you. While engaging every sense is incredibly important, designing with scent is perhaps the easiest way to make someone fall in deeply in love with your creation. Thanks nose!

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Waves crashing on the shore, a babbling brook, air bubbling to the surface as you breathe out underwater. Each of these aquatic sounds immediately attract and engage us. How about quietly buzzing bees? Loudly buzzing bees? Volume makes a huge difference. Whether through music or ambient noise, captivating our sense of hearing creates true experiential magic.

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My butt and lower back are starting to hurt as I sit here writing these descriptions. I need to focus and get this writing done! If I were in a plush, comfy chair beside the fireplace in a cold room covered in a fur blanket, writing would probably be the last thing on my mind. Curate these sensations intentionally.

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Food has a way of getting our attention. Your first bite of a perfectly ripe peach you picked at that organic farm, the taste of grandma’s mashed potatoes, that romantic dinner you had on your honeymoon in Peru, that delicious street food you tried while exploring Singapore. These kinds of mouth-watering delicacies keep us forever dreaming of returning.

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We all want to laugh. It is incredibly therapeutic. Experiences that make us truly laugh out loud are completely disarming in the best possible way. Humor is often overlooked when creators take their creations way too seriously. Start with being a little cheeky or cute. Aspire to full on unanimous hilarity!

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From a subtle breeze drifting across your cheek, to a wild roller coaster ride through a forest, or even simply watching someone surf, our sense of movement adds authenticity and intrigue to an experience. How we move through an environment and how an environment moves affects us deeply. Even a tranquil meditation garden must be designed with calming motion in mind.

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We crave the unexpected. Our curiosity is only peaked when we discover something out of the ordinary. Surrealism and juxtaposition are perfect examples of ways to add an element of surprise to a designed experience. Imagine walking through a dimly lit cavern. You turn a corner and suddenly find an enormous pink hot air balloon hovering in a beam of sunlight!

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Experiences that affect us on an emotional level are experiences that will never be forgotten. Beauty that brings us to tears, a beacon of hope in the wake of a tragedy, evoking childhood nostalgia, narrowly escaping a terrifying encounter, these types of experiences make us truly feel something in a time where many of us have become highly desensitized.

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“My goal is always to inspire, entertain, and enlighten. In that order.”

-Troy Silva

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